1. Something I Learned Today2:03 
2. Broken Home, Broken Heart2:05 
3. Never Talking to You Again1:41 
4. Chartered Trips3:39 
5. Dreams Reoccurring1:41 
6. Indecision Time2:14 
7. Hare Krsna3:36 
8. Beyond the Threshold1:37 
9. Pride1:48 
10. I'll Never Forget You2:20 
11. The Biggest Lie2:03 
12. What's Going On4:24 
13. Masochism World2:48 
14. Standing by the Sea3:23 
15. Somewhere2:31 
16. One Step at a Time0:45 
17. Pink Turns to Blue2:43 
18. Newest Industry3:06 
19. Monday Will Never Be the Same0:53 
20. Whatever3:53 
21. The Tooth Fairy and the Princess2:45 
22. Turn on the News4:28 
23. Reoccurring Dreams14:01 
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