1. Things I Imagined1:59 
2. S McGregor (interlude)0:17 
3. Down With the Clique3:42 
4. Way to the Show2:55 
5. Can I Hold the Mic (interlude)0:22 
6. Stay FloParental Advisory - Explicit Content2:56 
7. Dreams2:28 
8. Nothing Without Intention (interlude)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content0:24 
9. AlmedaParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:56 
10. Time (is)3:40 
11. My Skin My Logo2:56 
12. We Deal With the Freak'n (intermission)0:32 
13. Jerrod3:02 
14. BinzParental Advisory - Explicit Content1:51 
15. Beltway1:41 
16. Exit Scott (interlude)1:01 
17. Sound of Rain3:06 
18. Not Screwed! (interlude)0:22 
19. I'm a Witness1:52 

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