1. Wheels4:32 
2. Can I Tell You (Demo)4:21 
3. Carry On Wayward Son (Remix)5:22 
4. The Wall (Remix)4:49 
5. Perfect Lover4:18 
6. Death of Mother Nature Suite (Live at the Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City, MO - 1973)8:59 
7. Incomudro - Hymn to the Atman (Live in Cleveland, OH - 1975)16:09 
Not Available
8. On the Other Side (Live in Springfield, MO - 1979)6:43 
9. Dust In the Wind (Live at the Uptown Theatre, Chicago, IL - October 1980)5:50 
10. Play the Game Tonight (Live at Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO - July 1982)3:58 

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