What You See Is What You Get

What You See Is What You Get
by Luke Combs


1. Beer Never Broke My Heart3:07 
2. Refrigerator Door3:24 
3. Even Though I'm Leaving3:45 
4. Lovin' On You3:15 
5. Moon Over Mexico3:25 
6. 1, 2 Many3:01 
7. Blue Collar Boys3:40 
8. New Every Day3:19 
9. Reasons3:44 
10. Every Little Bit Helps4:08 
11. Dear Today3:40 
12. What You See Is What You Get2:52 
13. Does To Me3:43 
14. Angels Workin' Overtime4:14 
15. All Over Again3:29 
16. Nothing Like You3:16 
17. Better Together3:40 

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