1. Droppin' Em4:23 
2. Smokin' Dopin'3:32 
3. Fast Peg1:40 
4. Clap Your Hands5:08 
5. Nitro4:43 
6. You're My Heart4:45 
7. I'm That Type Of Guy5:16 
8. Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?3:50 
9. Going Back To Cali4:09 
10. It Gets No Rougher5:26 
11. Big Ole Butt4:35 
12. One Shot At Love4:19 
13. 1-900 L.L. Cool J3:02 
14. Two Different Worlds5:49 
15. Jealous3:55 
16. Jingling Baby4:16 
17. Def Jam In The Motherland4:35 
18. Change Your Ways3:20 

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