1. I Like It (Compilation Version)4:19 
2. All the Times (feat. Faith Evans, Coko & Missy Elliott) [Remastered Version]4:55 
3. Storm Has Passed (Compilation Version)4:34 
4. It Hurts Too Much to Stay (feat. Kelly Price) [Remastered Version]5:33 
5. Wind Beneath My Wings (Remastered Version)5:38 
6. Written All over Your Face (Remastered)6:24 
7. The Last Time I Saw You (Compilation Version)3:57 
8. That's What Love Is (Remastered)4:29 
9. A Rose By Any Other Name (Remastered Version)5:28 
Not Available
10. All I Want Is You (Remastered Version)4:39 
Not Available
11. I Believe I Can Fly (2005 Remaster)5:59 
12. My Side of the Bed (Remastered)5:03 
13. So Alone (Remastered)7:30 

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