1. Introduction to Virtual Bass (Sub Transducer Mix)1:30 
2. Digital Dreams (Mid Tempo Digital Bass Version)5:22 
3. Rebel Science Prelude (20 Hertz Boom Experiment)0:24 
4. Rebel Science (Ultra Low Computer Mix)3:30 
5. Digital Turntables (Ultra Boom Experiment)0:34 
6. Mix Master (Digital Turntable Power Mix)3:12 
7. Bach 305 (Tribal Bass Mix)3:17 
8. 305 Has Landed (40 Hertz Woofer Exercise)0:38 
9. Does Life... Exist On This Planet? (Berlin Radio Version)4:04 
10. Virtual Bass (Mega Sub Harmonic Mix)3:46 
11. 305 On-Line (Euro Bass Version)4:17 
12. Autobaun Route 305 (Ultimate Low Frequency Challenge)4:06 
13. Space Travel (Low Frequency Digital Mix)4:35 
14. Hip Hop Groove (Sample Symphonymovement 305)3:18 
15. Look Aggressively Towards the Future (Interactive Bass Test)4:39 
16. 305 Emergency Siren1:54 

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