1. Feel Invincible3:50 
2. Back from the Dead3:34 
3. Stars3:46 
4. I Want to Live3:29 
5. Undefeated3:36 
6. Famous3:18 
7. Lions3:25 
8. Out of Hell3:34 
9. Burn It Down3:16 
10. Watching for Comets3:29 
11. Saviors of the World3:46 
12. The Resistance3:52 
13. Breaking Free (feat. Lacey Sturm)3:53 
14. Stay 'Til the Daylight3:46 
15. Brave3:49 
16. You Get Me High3:18 
17. Set It Off3:49 
18. Feel Invincible (Death Tiger Remix)3:42 
19. The Resistance (SOLI Remix)3:52 
20. Stars (The Shack Film Version)4:06 

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