1. Into the Night3:42 
2. This Boy's Fire3:30 
3. Smooth4:56 
4. Maria Maria4:22 
5. Oye Como Va4:18 
6. Black Magic Woman3:16 
7. Evil Ways3:56 
8. Corazon Espinado4:35 
9. Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)5:06 
10. The Game of Love4:22 
11. Put Your Lights On4:46 
12. Why Don't You & I (Alt. Version)3:51 
13. Everybody's Everything3:32 
14. Just Feel Better4:12 
15. Samba Pa Ti4:45 
16. No One to Depend On5:34 
17. The Game of Love (Main / Radio Mix)4:14 
18. Interplanetary Party4:07 

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