1. Will It Go Round In Circles4:29 
2. Outa-Space4:10 
3. Slaughter2:46 
4. I Wrote A Simple Song3:25 
5. That's The Way God Planned It (Live) 4:10 
6. Struttin'2:36 
7. Fancy Lady5:48 
8. You're So Unique3:19 
9. Space Race3:29 
10. Get Back3:11 
11. Blackbird2:46 
12. Wide Stride3:17 
13. Nothing From Nothing2:38 
14. I'm Really Gonna Miss You3:49 
15. You Are So Beautiful4:52 
16. With You I'm Born Again3:41 
17. Since I Held You Close4:51 
18. Go For It3:50 
19. One More Time For Love3:54 
20. I'm Never Gonna Say Goodbye3:42 

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