1. Island of Shame2:40 
2. Lazy1:48 
3. Know It All2:28 
4. Stokin' the Neighbors3:07 
5. Give It Back2:36 
6. Rust2:56 
7. Goin' South1:59 
8. Dis' Chords3:15 
9. Coffee and Cigarettes2:50 
10. Brown Eyed Girl3:21 
11. Whipping Boy2:22 
12. No One2:01 
13. Bye for Now3:04 
14. Back One Out1:21 
15. The Champ2:01 
16. Choke (Early Version)3:52 
17. Give It Back (Early Version)3:05 
Not Available
18. Path of Least Resistance (Chemikil Demo)4:43 
Not Available
19. Know It All (Demo)3:48 
20. Rust (Demo)3:02 
21. Island of Shame (Demo)2:46 
22. Lazy (Demo)1:49 
23. Whipping Boy (Demo)2:43 
24. Stokin' the Neighbors (Demo)3:17 
25. Goin' South (Demo)2:05 
26. Jazzy Jeff1:04 
Not Available
27. Whipping Boy (Acoustic)2:36 

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