1. This LandParental Advisory - Explicit Content5:42 
2. What About Us4:30 
3. I Got My Eyes on You (Locked & Loaded)5:11 
4. I Walk Alone3:44 
5. Feelin' Like a Million3:35 
6. Gotta Get into Something3:04 
7. Got to Get Up2:37 
8. Feed the Babies4:46 
9. Pearl Cadillac5:06 
10. When I'm Gone3:49 
11. The Guitar Man4:27 
12. Low Down Rolling Stone4:18 
13. The Governor2:21 
14. Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow4:06 
15. Dirty Dishes Blues5:04 
16. Highway 713:32 
17. Did Dat6:42 

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