1. Comin' from All Ends3:31 
2. K-Jee4:02 
3. It's Impossible3:24 
4. I Can Understand It6:23 
5. How Good It Feels3:39 
6. I Don't Want To Do Wrong5:45 
7. I Wash My Hands of the Whole Damn Deal, Pt. 13:24 
8. Keep on Doin' It4:19 
9. You Are What I'm All About3:56 
10. Afro-Strut2:52 
11. Got to Get a Knutt7:34 
12. Dream Merchant4:26 
13. It's Been a Long Time5:54 
14. Do It Again4:37 
15. Wild Flower6:30 
16. Until It's Time For You To Go5:39 

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