1. Doctor My Eyes3:20 
2. Jamaica Say You Will3:24 
3. Rock Me on the Water4:12 
4. Take It Easy3:52 
5. These Days4:45 
6. Red Neck Friend3:59 
7. For Everyman6:12 
8. For a Dancer (Single Version)4:49 
9. Fountain of Sorrow6:50 
10. Late for the Sky (1997 Remaster)5:40 
11. Before the Deluge6:21 
12. Your Bright Baby Blues6:04 
13. The Pretender5:51 
14. Here Come Those Tears Again3:33 
15. The Load Out5:36 
16. Stay (Live)3:22 
1. Running on Empty4:58 
2. You Love the Thunder3:55 
3. Boulevard3:20 
4. Somebody's Baby4:03 
Not Available
5. Tender Is the Night4:53 
6. Lawyers in Love4:20 
7. In the Shape of a Heart (Live in 1996)5:46 
8. Lawless Avenues5:39 
9. Lives in the Balance4:14 
10. I Am a Patriot4:05 
11. Sky Blue and Black6:07 
12. I'm Alive5:09 
13. The Barricades of Heaven5:40 
14. Looking East4:56 
15. The Naked Ride Home5:58 
16. The Night Inside Me4:40 

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