The Very Best Of

The Very Best Of
by Thurston Harris


1. I Hear A Rhapsody2:06 
2. Hey Baba Leba2:28 
3. Send Me Some Lovin'2:30 
4. In The Bottom Of My Heart2:00 
5. Hey Little Girl1:49 
6. I'm Asking Forgiveness3:05 
7. Slip - Slop2:31 
8. Runk Bunk2:19 
9. Cross My Heart2:13 
10. Dancing Silhouettes2:19 
11. Purple Stew2:17 
12. Paradise Hill2:35 
13. You Don't Know (How Much I Love You)2:17 
14. Only One Love Is Blessed2:39 
15. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer2:06 
16. Quiet As It's Kept2:33 
17. Little Bitty Pretty One2:23 
18. Over Somebody Else's Shoulder1:45 
19. Bless Your Heart2:01 
20. Over And Over2:20 
21. Recess In Heaven2:23 
22. Moonlight Cocktail2:04 
23. Dance On Little Girl2:16 
24. Mr. Satan1:48 
25. I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me2:12 
26. Tell Me So2:10 
27. She's The One2:24 
28. I'm Out To Getcha'1:59 
29. Do What You Did2:03 
30. (I Got Loaded At) Smokey Joe's1:56 
31. Tears From My Heart2:16 
32. You're Gonna' Need Me2:07 
33. Fine Fine Frame1:50 
34. My Love Will Last1:51 
35. Poop-A-Loop2:18 

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