1. Here We Go Around Again (1990)3:55 
2. Can You Hear Me (1991)4:06 
3. Do You Think of Me (1993)4:48 
4. Everything Fades Away (1993)5:26 
5. All I Live For (1993)3:22 
6. One Night (1995)4:41 
7. Slipping Away (1996)4:31 
8. Out Here On My Own (2000)3:17 
9. Loverboy (Firecracker - Original Version, 2001)3:15 
10. I Pray (2005)2:53 
11. Cool On You (2007)3:12 
12. Mesmerized (2012)3:23 
13. Lullaby of Birdland (Live, 2014)3:18 
14. Save The Day (2020)3:51 
15. Close My Eyes (Acoustic, 2020)3:19 
1. Daydream Interlude (Fantasy Sweet Dub Mix) (Live at the Tokyo Dome)1:32 
2. Emotions (Live at the Tokyo Dome)4:06 
3. Open Arms (Live at the Tokyo Dome)3:46 
4. Forever (Live at the Tokyo Dome)4:47 
5. I Don't Wanna Cry (Live at the Tokyo Dome)5:54 
6. Fantasy (Live at the Tokyo Dome)5:25 
7. Always Be My Baby (Live at the Tokyo Dome)4:38 
8. One Sweet Day (Live at the Tokyo Dome)5:20 
9. Underneath the Stars (Live at the Tokyo Dome)4:08 
10. Without You (Live at the Tokyo Dome)4:20 
11. Make It Happen (Live at the Tokyo Dome)5:04 
12. Just Be Good To Me (Live at the Tokyo Dome)6:38 
13. Dreamlover (Live at the Tokyo Dome)3:59 
14. Vision of Love (Live at the Tokyo Dome)3:47 
15. Hero (Live at the Tokyo Dome)5:00 
16. Anytime You Need a Friend (Live at the Tokyo Dome)5:59 
17. All I Want for Christmas Is You (Live at the Tokyo Dome)5:04 

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