1. Washington Post March3:17 
2. El Capitan3:11 
3. Hands Across The Sea2:40 
4. Stars and Stripes Forever3:04 
5. Thunderer March2:41 
6. Fairest Of The Fair, The2:59 
7. Under The Double Eagle2:41 
8. La Sorella March2:19 
9. American Patrol3:00 
10. Jack Tar March2:20 
11. Pathfinder Of Panama, The3:14 
12. New York Hipprodrome March2:48 
13. Manhattan Beach March2:28 
14. Free Lanch March2:37 
15. La Marseillaise2:40 
16. Sleepy Sidney2:24 
17. La Paloma2:31 
18. Prince Of Pilsen, The2:51 
19. Light Cavalry Overture3:25 
20. Blue Danube Waltz, The3:23 

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