The Hi Records Singles Collection

The Hi Records Singles Collection
by Al Green


1. I Want to Hold Your Hand2:24 
2. What Am I Going to Do with Myself2:28 
3. One Woman3:10 
4. Tomorrow's Dream (Mono Version)2:22 
5. You Say It3:00 
6. Gotta Find a New World2:28 
7. Right Now Right Now2:52 
8. All Because (I'm a Foolish One)2:46 
9. I Can't Get Next to You3:53 
10. Ride Sally Ride2:26 
11. Drivin' Wheel3:00 
12. True Love2:47 
13. Tired of Being Alone2:44 
14. Get Back Baby2:20 
15. Let's Stay Together3:20 
16. Tomorrow's Dream (Stereo Version)2:24 
17. Look What You Done for Me3:07 
18. La-La for You3:40 
19. I'm Still in Love with You3:17 
20. Old Time Lovin'3:19 
21. You Ought to Be with Me3:21 
22. What is This Feeling3:48 
1. Call Me (Come Back Home)3:04 
2. What a Wonderful Thing Love Is3:29 
3. Here I Am (Come Take Me)4:21 
4. I'm so Glad You're Mine3:02 
5. Livin' for You2:52 
6. It Ain't No Fun to Me3:32 
7. Let's Get Married3:23 
8. So Good to Be Here2:47 
9. Sha-La-La (make Me Happy)3:05 
10. School Days3:16 
11. L-O-V-E (love)3:11 
12. Wish You Were Here3:32 
13. Oh Me, Oh My (Dreams in My Arms)2:51 
14. Strong as Death (Sweet as Love)3:44 
15. Full of Fire3:30 
16. Could I Be the One4:14 
17. Let It Shine3:17 
18. There's No Way3:35 
1. Keep Me Cryin'3:09 
2. There is Love3:09 
3. I Tried to Tell Myself3:15 
4. Something4:28 
5. Love and Happiness4:05 
6. Glory Glory2:50 
7. Belle4:03 
8. Chariots of Fire3:55 
9. I Feel Good3:31 
10. Feels Like Summer3:48 
11. To Sir with Love4:11 
12. Wait Here2:47 
13. How Can You Mend a Broken Heart (Bonus Track)6:23 
14. Take Me to the River (Bonus Track)3:46 
15. Simply Beautiful (Bonus Track)4:12 
16. I'm a Ram (Bonus Track)3:48 
17. The Letter (Bonus Track)2:29 

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