The Hardest Part (Deluxe)

The Hardest Part (Deluxe)
by Noah Cyrus


parental advisory - explicit content
1. Noah (Stand Still)3:55 
2. Ready to Go3:08 
3. Mr. PercocetParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:14 
4. Every Beginning Ends2:31 
5. Hardest Part3:43 
6. I Just Want a Lover3:22 
7. Unfinished3:53 
8. My Side of the Bed3:06 
9. I Burned LA Down3:15 
10. Loretta's Song3:41 
11. Noah (Stand Still)3:55 
12. Unfinished (Acoustic)4:07 
13. Ready to Go (String Arrangement)3:05 
14. Hardest Part (Bluegrass Version)2:55 
15. I Burned LA Down (Choral Version)2:58 
16. Set For Life4:08 

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