1. Lonely Drifter2:25 
Not Available
2. Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)2:46 
Not Available
3. Stand In For Love3:44 
Not Available
4. I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Today)3:03 
5. There's Someone (Waiting Back Home)2:29 
Not Available
6. One Night Affair2:18 
7. Deeper (In Love with You)2:39 
8. Back Stabbers3:05 
9. 992 Arguments (Single Version)2:21 
10. Love Train2:58 
11. Time to Get Down2:52 
12. Put Your Hands Together4:07 
13. Sunshine Pt. 13:42 
14. You Got Your Hooks in Me5:33 
15. Now That We Found Love4:41 
16. For the Love of Money7:20 
17. Give the People What They Want4:11 
18. Survival3:43 
19. Let Me Make Love to You3:38 
20. I Love Music6:51 
1. Livin' for the Weekend6:36 
2. Stairway to Heaven6:16 
3. Family Reunion6:55 
4. Ship Ahoy (Edited Version)4:15 
5. Message In Our Music6:04 
6. Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)4:11 
7. The Big Gangster3:18 
8. Use ta Be My Girl3:18 
9. Brandy (I Really Miss You)4:13 
10. Cry Together5:35 
11. Forever Mine6:08 
12. Sing a Happy Song5:00 
13. Lovin' You5:20 
14. Wind Beneath My Wings5:37 
Not Available
15. Emotionally Yours (Gospel Version)5:40 

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