1. Sweet Home Alabama4:44 
2. I Ain't The One3:53 
3. Was I Right Or Wrong5:23 
4. Gimme Three Steps4:30 
5. Workin' For MCA4:47 
6. Simple Man5:57 
7. Swamp Music3:31 
8. The Ballad Of Curtis Loew4:51 
9. Saturday Night Special5:09 
10. Mr. Banker5:20 
11. Comin' Home5:29 
12. Call Me The Breeze5:07 
13. Free Bird9:10 
1. What's Your Name3:32 
2. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller4:15 
3. Tuesday's Gone7:33 
4. Double Trouble2:49 
5. I Know A Little3:27 
6. Four Walls Of Raiford4:12 
7. I Never Dreamed5:20 
8. Gimme Back My Bullets3:41 
9. You Got That Right3:46 
10. All I Can Do Is Write About It4:23 
11. That Smell5:48 
12. Free Bird13:41 
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