1. La-La Means I Love You3:17 
2. Can't Get Over Losing You2:30 
3. I'm Sorry (Remastered)2:45 
4. You Are Gone2:34 
5. Break Your Promise (Remastered)3:01 
6. Alfie2:47 
7. The Shadow of Your Smile3:22 
8. The Look of Love3:16 
9. Can You Remember2:59 
10. A Lover's Concerto2:15 
11. Hurt so Bad2:02 
12. Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide from Love)2:00 
13. Somebody Loves You (Remastered)3:21 
14. Let It Be Me (Remastered)2:21 
15. Hot Dog (I Love You So) (Remastered)2:16 
16. Ain't That Peculiar (Remastered)1:46 
17. With These Hands (Remastered)2:12 
18. Face It Girl, It's Over (Remastered)2:56 
19. Going Out of My Head (Remastered)2:05 
20. Everytime I See My Baby (Remastered)2:41 
1. Delfonics Theme (How Could You)4:33 
2. Funny Feeling2:22 
3. My New Love2:48 
4. You've Got Yours and I'll Get Mine3:17 
5. You Can't Be Loving Him (Remastered)2:03 
6. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)3:19 
7. Down Is Up, Up Is Down2:30 
8. Trying to Make a Fool of Me3:05 
9. Baby I Love You3:08 
10. When You Get Right Down to It2:48 
11. I Gave to You5:54 
12. Over and Over3:06 
13. Think About Me2:36 
14. Hey! Love3:21 
15. Walk Right Up to the Sun3:01 
16. Round & Round3:10 
17. Tell Me This Is a Dream3:31 
18. I'm a Man3:03 
19. Baby I Miss You3:19 
20. Delfonics Theme4:16 

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