The Definitive Collection

The Definitive Collection
by Cameo


1. Word Up!4:20 
2. Single Life4:28 
3. Candy4:24 
4. She's Strange3:46 
5. Sparkle4:51 
6. I Just Want To Be3:40 
7. Shake Your Pants6:22 
8. Rigor Mortis5:21 
9. Attack Me With Your Love4:31 
10. Back And Forth3:52 
11. Why Have I Lost You5:14 
12. Flirt4:07 
13. Skin I'm In4:36 
14. Talkin' Out The Side Of Your Neck4:06 
15. Keep It Hot4:42 
16. Freaky Dancin'4:14 
17. Just Be Yourself4:07 

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