1. Mr. Magic Man3:25 
2. Only I Can Sing This Song3:09 
3. Love Is Beautiful2:51 
4. I Sho' Love You4:16 
5. Baby Man3:42 
6. Sin Was the Blame3:58 
7. What It Is3:35 
8. If You Need Me3:44 
9. I Can't Let My True Love Slip Away3:26 
10. I Keep Walking Straight Ahead3:09 
11. Take a Closer Look at the Woman You're With3:21 
12. Memphis, Tennessee3:54 
13. Soft Soul Boogie Woogie2:39 
14. Help Me Make It Through the Night2:58 
15. Never My Love4:28 
16. You Lay'd It On Me3:17 
17. Is Your Love Life Better3:13 
18. Two Women and a Wife2:58 
19. Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind2:44 
20. Take The Pollution Out Your Throat2:38 
21. Take a Closer Look at the Woman You're With (Promo Mono Version)2:53 
22. Soft Soul Boogie Woogie (Promo Mono Version)2:36 
1. Iron It Out3:02 
2. Isn't That So3:14 
3. Take a Look3:26 
4. I Was Too Nice3:46 
5. Don't Pass Me By2:58 
6. What Good Is a Lie2:38 
7. Young Boy Blues3:21 
8. Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It2:35 
9. You're the One6:40 
10. Join Me & Let's Be Free4:26 
11. Let's Make Love Right2:57 
12. I've Got a Good Friend4:49 
13. Smokin' in the United Nations3:53 
14. Gone3:42 
15. Good Things4:40 
16. Higher Consciousness3:02 
17. Bailin' Hay on a Rainy Day3:45 
18. Mighty Mouth3:40 
19. Isn't That So (Promo Mono Version)3:15 
20. Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It (Promo Mono Version)2:35 

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