1. Wild Palomino3:19 
2. Out In The Middle2:46 
3. Any Day Now3:14 
4. Love and Sunsets3:42 
5. Stubborn Pride7:10 
6. Same Boat3:10 
7. Slow Burn3:32 
8. Out In The Middle2:46 
9. Wild Palomino3:19 
10. Us Against The World3:12 
11. Same Boat3:10 
12. Stubborn Pride (feat. Marcus King)7:09 
13. Fun Having Fun3:41 
14. The Comeback3:19 
15. Old Love Song3:32 
16. Any Day Now3:13 
17. Paradise Lost On Me2:24 
18. GA Clay3:42 
19. Love and Sunsets3:41 
20. Closer To Heaven (feat. Gregory Porter)3:58 
21. Don't Let Your Heart3:18 

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