1. I Go Crazy (Single Version)3:52 
2. Keep Our Love Alive (Single Version - 1974)2:57 
Not Available
3. Darlin'3:01 
4. Superstar3:10 
5. Sweet Life3:29 
6. Do Right4:00 
7. Cry Just aLittle4:00 
8. Thinking of You3:34 
9. A Little Bit of Soap2:33 
Not Available
10. Ride 'Em Cowboy3:57 
11. Let Me Know If It's Over3:25 
12. I Don't Want to Be Just Another Love3:15 
13. I Never Heard the Song at All2:38 
14. Medicine Woman (Album Version)3:30 
15. Bad Dream3:09 
16. All The Way (Album Version)4:49 
17. I Just Wanna Keep It Together2:30 
18. Can't You (Single Version)2:07 
19. Boogie Woogie Man2:27 
20. Cool Night3:37 
21. '65 Love Affair (Single Version)3:41 
22. Love or Let Me Be Lonely (Single Version)3:36 
Not Available

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