The Best of Bass 305

The Best of Bass 305
by Bass 305


1. The Science of Sound (Low Frequency Audio Test)0:41 
2. Techno Bass (Eurobass Mix)3:32 
3. Digital Bass (Ultra Car Mix)3:05 
4. Into the Future - Bass (Berlin Radio Interpretation)3:39 
5. Pure Tone (Low Frequency Audio Version)3:14 
6. Computer Bass (Rebel Science London Version)4:35 
7. Rebel Science (Ultra Low Computer Mix)3:32 
8. Bach 305 (Tribal Bass Mix)3:16 
9. Look Aggressively Towards the Future (Interactive Bass Test)4:37 
10. Cyber Travel4:11 
11. Fire and Rain3:53 
12. Brazil2:52 
13. Elan (High Tech Quad Version)3:21 
14. Vision of the Future (Ultra Bass Mix)4:27 
15. Dance of India (World Beat Mix)3:45 
16. Krypton Forest4:58 
17. Bass Epilogue (The Communication Operation)0:46 
18. Pink Noise1:02 
19. Left-Right Test (Sine Wave Sweep)0:31 

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