The Best Of The Diamonds

The Best Of The Diamonds
by The Diamonds


1. Why Do Fools Fall In Love2:28 
2. The Church Bells May Ring2:21 
3. Cool, Cool Baby2:15 
4. Ka-Ding-Dong2:02 
5. My Judge And My Jury2:25 
6. Ev'ry Minute Of The Day2:11 
7. Little Darlin'2:09 
8. Zip Zip2:07 
9. Don't Say Goodbye2:16 
10. Words Of Love2:01 
11. Dance With Me2:42 
12. Daddy Cool2:42 
13. Silhouettes2:44 
14. The Stroll2:30 
15. Walking Along2:21 
16. High Sign2:26 
17. She Say2:09 
18. Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein Or Dracula2:12 
19. Oh! Carol2:08 
20. Believe Me2:30 
21. Chimes In My Heart2:25 
22. One Summer Night2:32 

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