1. Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover5:23 
2. California Here I Come4:35 
3. Mysteries We Understand (Album Version)4:38 
4. Before I Walk On Fire (Album Version)4:58 
5. Don't Stop Swaying (Album Version)5:27 
6. I Want You (Album Version)5:17 
7. Right Beside You4:47 
8. As I Lay Me Down4:09 
9. Did We Not Choose Each Other (Album Version)4:25 
10. Only Love (The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty) (Album Version)5:03 
11. I Need Nothing Else (Album Version)4:15 
12. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Album Version)5:27 
13. Swing From Limb To Limb (My Home Is In Your Jungle) (Album Version)4:15 
14. As I Lay Me Down (Butcher Mix)3:48 

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