1. Lucille3:41 
2. Daytime Friends3:10 
3. Love Or Something Like It2:51 
4. The Gambler3:31 
5. She Believes In Me4:11 
6. Coward Of The County4:20 
7. You Decorated My Life3:37 
8. Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer3:40 
9. Love The World Away3:12 
10. Lady3:53 
11. What Are We Doin' In Love3:00 
12. I Don't Need You3:27 
13. Through The Years4:22 
14. Love Will Turn You Around3:38 
15. We've Got Tonight3:49 
16. This Woman3:58 
17. Crazy3:41 
18. Morning Desire4:05 
19. Make No Mistake, She's Mine3:57 
20. I Can't Unlove You3:25 

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