1. Shake And Dance With Me3:52 
2. Ffun4:12 
3. Straight From The Heart4:40 
4. Love's Train5:18 
5. So Easy4:33 
6. Too Tight3:15 
7. By Your Side4:09 
8. Juicy2:52 
9. Got To Be Enough5:47 
10. Ms. Got-The-Body3:54 
11. Chase Me5:39 
12. Sho' Feels Good To Me3:19 
13. California 14:38 
14. (Let Me Put) Love On Your Mind6:10 
15. All Up To You5:34 
16. I'm Leaving Baby5:44 
17. Baby I'm Hooked (Right Into Your Love)4:18 

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