1. Can't Fight City Halloween4:05 
2. Mayoral Ducting2:34 
3. It's Raining Vengeance4:32 
4. Don't Be Voyeur with Me2:38 
5. Crossing the Feline1:46 
6. Gannika Girl2:31 
7. Moving in for the Gil4:23 
8. Funeral and Far Between1:46 
9. Collar ID1:15 
10. Escaped Crusader2:45 
11. Penguin of Guilt3:45 
12. Highway to the Anger Zone5:20 
13. World's Worst Translator3:35 
14. Riddles, Riddles Everywhere1:55 
15. Meow and You and Everyone We Know5:19 
16. For All Your Pennyworth2:38 
17. Are You a Kenzie or a Can't-zie?5:45 
18. An Im-purr-fect Murder3:49 
19. The Great Pumpkin Pie2:22 
20. Hoarding School4:55 
21. A Flood of Terrors4:30 
22. A Bat in the Rafters, Pt. 14:34 
1. A Bat in the Rafters, Pt. 26:43 
2. The Bat's True Calling3:05 
3. All's Well That Ends Farewell2:41 
4. The Batman6:48 
5. Catwoman3:04 
6. The Riddler5:01 
7. Sonata in Darkness12:11 
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