1. Thank You for Being a Friend4:41 
2. Lonely Boy4:25 
3. Oh Urania (Take Me Away)4:21 
4. Never Let Her Slip Away3:22 
5. How Can This Be Love4:00 
6. You're Free4:07 
7. Hope You Feel Good4:48 
8. One of Them Is Me4:01 
9. Kiss This One Goodbye4:03 
10. Go Back Home Again3:09 
11. Looking for My Love3:38 
12. Endless Flight4:58 
13. That's Why I Love You3:11 
14. Heartaches in Heartaches3:13 
15. Firefly3:23 
16. Passing Thing4:07 
17. Still You Linger On3:23 

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