Testify: The Best Of The A&M Years

Testify: The Best Of The A&M Years
by Al Green


1. Put A Little Love In Your Heart (From "Scrooged" Soundtrack) 3:50 
2. Going Away3:35 
3. True Love4:27 
4. I Feel Like Going On3:11 
5. You Brought The Sunshine5:08 
6. Power5:20 
7. Building Up3:08 
8. Everything's Gonna Be Alright4:22 
9. You Know And I Know4:00 
10. You've Got A Friend5:37 
11. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother4:02 
12. Soul Survivor4:42 
13. You're Everything To Me4:14 
14. Mighty Clouds Of Joy4:17 
15. As Long As We're Together3:45 
16. Tryin' To Do The Best I Can3:04 
17. I Get Joy3:54 
18. So Real To Me0:53 

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