1. Endless Summer Nights (Acoustic)4:34 
2. One Thing Left (Acoustic)3:54 
3. Hazard (Acoustic)4:16 
4. Over My Head (Acoustic)3:37 
5. Angelia (Acoustic)4:34 
6. Now And Forever (Acoustic)3:56 
7. Keep Coming Back (Acoustic)5:45 
8. This I Promise You (Acoustic)4:05 
9. Loved (Acoustic)4:17 
10. Should've Known Better (Acoustic)3:17 
11. Right Here Waiting (Acoustic)4:49 
12. When You Loved Me (Acoustic)3:30 
1. Don't Mean Nothing4:43 
2. Should've Known Better4:28 
3. Endless Summer Nights4:28 
4. Keep Coming Back5:25 
5. Take This Heart4:04 
6. Hold On to the Nights5:14 
7. Angelia4:54 
8. Hazard4:59 
9. Too Late to Say Goodbye4:47 
10. Satisfied3:21 
11. Right Here Waiting4:27 
12. When You Loved Me3:23 
13. Now and Forever (Live)3:59 
14. This I Promise You (Live)4:12 
15. Always On Your Mind4:58 

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