Still Brazy

Still Brazy (Deluxe)
by YG


1. Pops Hot Intro0:15 
2. Don't Come To LA3:35 
3. Who Shot Me?3:48 
4. Word Is Bond3:16 
5. Twist My Fingaz4:14 
6. Good Times Interlude0:39 
7. Gimmie Got Shot2:46 
8. I Got A Question3:39 
9. Why You Always Hatin?3:16 
10. My Perception0:14 
11. Bool, Balm & Bollective3:36 
12. She Wish She Was3:57 
13. YG Be Safe0:04 
14. Still Brazy3:22 
15. FDT3:46 
16. Blacks & Browns4:10 
17. Police Get Away Wit Murder3:20 

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