Southern Son

Southern Son
by Ross Moore


1. The Parting Glass3:12 
2. Pretty Saro4:01 
3. Call To Arms2:29 
4. Southern Son4:12 
5. Ashokan Farewell4:18 
6. Young Rebel (The Ballad of Sam Davis)3:55 
7. Shenandoah5:03 
8. Legend of the Rebel Soldier2:55 
9. Medley: Bonnie Blue Flag/Cheer Boys Cheer/Soldier's Joy3:21 
10. We've Got 'em On The Run2:22 
11. Aura Lee3:20 
12. Last Day At Gettysburg3:16 
13. When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again2:55 
14. Comin' Home To Sugar Creek4:05 
15. I Am Their Flag - Narrated by Michael R Bradley6:00 

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