Solar Power

Solar Power (Deluxe Edition)
by Lorde


parental advisory - explicit content
1. The Path3:41 
2. Solar Power3:13 
3. California3:12 
4. Stoned at the Nail Salon4:26 
5. Fallen Fruit3:58 
6. Secrets from a Girl (Who's Seen it All)3:39 
7. The Man with the Axe4:16 
8. Dominoes2:03 
9. Big Star2:47 
10. Leader of a New Regime1:33 
11. Mood Ring3:46 
12. Oceanic Feeling6:40 
13. Helen of TroyParental Advisory - Explicit Content2:52 
14. Hold No GrudgeParental Advisory - Explicit Content4:29 

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