1. (Oh Lord) I Wish I Could Sleep3:04 
2. Just Can't Get You Out of My Mind3:40 
3. Just You and Me Baby3:00 
4. Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You4:00 
5. I Could Never (Repay Your Love)6:56 
6. I'll Be Around3:09 
7. One of a Kind (Love Affair)3:34 
8. We Belong Together4:12 
9. Ghetto Child3:51 
10. How Could I Let You Get Away3:50 
11. Could It Be I'm Falling in Love4:10 
12. Since I Been Gone4:20 
13. Ain't No Price on Happiness4:03 
14. I'm Glad You Walked into My Life4:52 
15. I'm Coming Home3:24 
16. He'll Never Love You Like I Do3:56 
17. Love Has Gone Away3:35 
18. Love Don't Love Nobody3:37 
19. Mighty Love (2003 Remaster)4:56 
1. Sitting on Top of the World4:42 
2. Smile, We Have Each Other4:30 
3. Then Came You (Remastered)3:59 
4. There's No One Like You4:20 
5. Living a Little Laughing a Little (2003 Remaster)5:03 
6. Sadie (Single Version)5:26 
7. Lazy Susan3:33 
8. I've Got to Make It on My Own3:25 
9. Honest I Do4:00 
10. I Don't Want to Lose You3:41 
11. Love or Leave4:56 
12. You Made a Promise to Me (Single Version)3:56 
13. They Just Can't Stop It (Games People Play) [2003 Remaster] [Remix]4:42 
14. Just as Long as We Have Love (Single Version)4:05 
15. Toni My Love (2003 Remaster)3:44 
16. The Rubberband Man (Single Version)3:37 
17. Now That We're Together (2003 Remaster)3:36 
18. Wake up Susan3:24 
1. Me and My Music (Single Version) [2003 Remaster]3:28 
2. You're Throwing a Good Love Away (Single Version)3:45 
3. Painted Magic4:18 
4. Heaven on Earth (So Fine) [Single Version] [2003 Remaster]3:13 
5. Back in the Arms of Love (2003 Remaster)3:51 
6. (Love Is) One Step Away (Single Version) [2003 Remaster]3:50 
7. Easy Come, Easy Go (Single Version) [2003 Remaster]3:27 
8. If You Wanna Do a Dance (Single Version) [2003 Remaster]3:43 
9. Are You Ready for Love (Single Version) [2003 Remaster]3:44 
10. (A) Plain and Simple Love Song (Alternate Edit)4:08 
11. Body Language (Single Version) [2003 Remaster]3:46 
12. Working My Way Back to You / Forgive Me, Girl4:06 
13. Cupid / I've Loved You for a Long Time3:57 
14. I Just Want to Fall in Love3:51 
15. Now That You're Mine Again (Remix Version)4:02 
16. Medley: Yesterday Once More / Nothing Remains the Same (2003 Remaster) [Remix]7:32 
17. Long Live Soul Music (2003 Remaster) [Edit]4:58 
18. You Go Your Way (I'll Go Mine) [2003 Remaster] [Single Remix Version]3:37 
19. Love Connection (Raise the Window Down) [2003 Remaster] [Remix Single]3:47 
1. Never Thought I'd Fall in Love (2003 Remaster) [Single Edit]3:56 
2. Magic in the Moonlight (2003 Remaster) [Single Edit]3:59 
3. Funny How Time Slips Away3:37 
4. Right or Wrong (2003 Remaster) [Single Edit]3:50 

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