1. Since You're Gone (Remastered)3:31 
2. Shake It Up (Remastered)3:32 
3. I'm Not the One (Remastered)4:10 
4. Victim of Love (Remastered)4:24 
5. Cruiser (Remastered)4:57 
6. A Dream Away (Remastered)5:40 
7. This Could Be Love (Remastered)4:27 
8. Think It Over (Remastered)4:56 
9. Maybe Baby (Remastered)5:06 
10. Since You're Gone (Early Version)5:57 
11. Shake It Up (Demo)4:10 
12. I'm Not the One (Remix) [Remastered]4:11 
13. Cruiser (Early Version)5:00 
14. Take It on the Run (Early Version of "A Dream Away")6:19 
15. Coming up You Again (1981 Version of "Coming up You")5:21 
16. Little Black Egg (2017 Remaster)2:54 
17. Midnight Dancer4:22 

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