1. La La La1:52 
2. The National Association of "W" Lovers2:04 
3. Doin' the Pigeon2:12 
4. The "R" Machine1:16 
5. Stop1:42 
6. Bert's Nap2:25 
7. Loud and Soft2:16 
8. Clink Clank3:29 
9. Bert Is Sick3:00 
10. High Middle Low2:44 
11. I Want to Hold Your Ear1:54 
12. The Bath Story0:51 
13. Pat Pat Patty Pat2:54 
14. Rubber Duckie2:25 
15. Everybody Wash1:49 
16. Ernie Presents the Letter "A"0:49 
17. Tiger Hunt3:59 
18. The Drawing Song2:24 
19. Imagination2:30 
20. Ernie Presents the Letter "Q"0:49 
21. Ernie Dusts the Shelf1:16 
22. Dee Dee Dee1:53 
23. Would You Like to Buy an "O"?1:43 
24. The Man Who Needs Help4:21 
25. The Listening Game2:47 
26. El Patito (Rubber Duckie)3:00 
27. Ernie Presents the Letter "U"1:08 
28. Ernie Plays the Drums3:03 

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