1. Cowboy (Album Version (Edited)) 3:16 
2. Who's That Girl?3:45 
3. Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Album Version (Edited)) 3:50 
4. You Had Me, You Lost Me (Album Version (Edited)) 4:26 
5. Got What You Need (Album Version (Edited)) 3:58 
6. Gangsta B's (Album Version (Edited)) 4:25 
7. That's What It Is (Album Version (Edited)) 3:41 
8. Scream Double R (Album Version (Edited)) 3:42 
9. Thug In The Street (Album Version (Edited)) 5:01 
10. No, No, No (Album Version (Edited)) 5:18 
11. You Ain't Gettin' None (Album Version (Edited)) 4:10 
12. Life Is So Hard4:47 
13. Be Me (Album Version (Edited)) 4:10 

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