1. Three Time Loser4:05 
2. Alright for an Hour4:18 
3. All in the Name of Rock 'n' Roll5:02 
4. Drift Away3:44 
5. Stone Cold Sober4:13 
6. I Don't Want to Talk About It4:49 
7. It's Not the Spotlight4:22 
8. This Old Heart of Mine4:05 
9. Still Love You5:10 
10. Sailing4:38 
1. Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)3:56 
2. The First Cut Is the Deepest4:31 
3. Fool for You3:49 
4. The Killing of Georgie, Pt. I and II6:29 
5. The Balltrap4:35 
6. Pretty Flamingo3:27 
7. Big Bayou3:54 
8. The Wild Side of Life5:10 
9. Trade Winds5:18 
1. Hot Legs5:15 
2. You're Insane4:49 
3. You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)4:31 
4. Born Loose6:03 
5. You Keep Me Hangin' On7:29 
6. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right5:24 
7. You Got a Nerve5:00 
8. I Was Only Joking6:07 
1. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?4:18 
2. Dirty Weekend2:36 
3. Ain't Love a Bitch4:39 
4. The Best Days of My Life4:21 
5. Is That the Thanks I Get?4:30 
6. Attractive Female Wanted4:17 
7. Blondes (Have More Fun)3:46 
8. Last Summer4:06 
9. Standing in the Shadows of Love4:27 
10. Scarred and Scared4:52 
1. Holy Cow (with The MG's)3:15 
2. To Love Somebody (with The MG's)4:12 
3. Return to Sender (with The MG's)3:42 
4. Rosie (Early Version)4:19 
5. Get Back (Early Version)3:37 
6. You Really Got a Hold on Me5:02 
7. Honey, Let Me Be Your Man4:57 
8. Lost Love5:57 
9. Silver Tongue4:46 
10. Don't Hang Up3:11 

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