1. Hit or Miss2:44 
2. Nothing Can Change You3:12 
3. Long Way Down (Chris Lord-Alge Remix)3:30 
4. Name (Live Acoustic)3:54 
5. Don't Change (Live)3:48 
6. Girl Right Next to Me (Live Acoustic)3:33 
7. Another Second Time Around (Live Acoustic)2:53 
8. Iris (Acoustic)3:26 
9. Slide (Acoustic)3:16 
10. Naked (Remix)4:08 
11. Black Balloon (Live)3:42 
12. Naked (Live)3:56 
13. Black Balloon (Live from Sessions@AOL)4:02 
14. Broadway (Live from Sessions@AOL)3:52 
15. We'll Be Here (When You're Gone) [Acoustic]3:19 
16. Better Days (Acoustic)3:32 
17. Let Love In (Live)4:46 
18. Listen (Live)3:06 
19. Feel the Silence (Live)3:52 
20. Take Me Out to the Ball Game0:57 

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