1. So It Goes2:34 
2. Heart of the City2:08 
3. Endless Sleep4:09 
4. Marie Provost2:48 
5. I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass3:14 
6. Cracking Up2:59 
7. American Squirm2:31 
8. Cruel to Be Kind3:29 
9. Without Love2:29 
10. You Make Me1:50 
11. Burning2:03 
12. Heart3:42 
13. Raining Raining2:48 
14. Ragin' Eyes2:41 
15. Mess Around With Love3:07 
16. Wish You Were Here3:16 
17. L.A.F.S.3:33 
18. Half a Boy and Half a Man2:56 
19. The Gee and the Rick and the Three Card Trick4:22 
20. The Rose of England3:27 
21. I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll)4:26 
22. Wishing Well3:01 
1. Lovers Jamboree3:38 
2. Shting-Shtang3:22 
3. All Men Are Liars3:24 
4. What's Shakin' on the Hill4:02 
5. Don't Think About Her When You're Trying to Drive (Demo) 2:59 
6. Soulful Wind3:03 
7. The Beast in Me2:31 
8. I Live on a Battlefield3:26 
9. Shelley My Love3:16 
10. You Inspire Me3:10 
11. Lonesome Reverie2:54 
12. Faithless Lover2:47 
13. What Lack of Love Has Done2:49 
14. Man That I've Become2:54 
15. Lately I've Let Things Slide3:06 
16. Homewrecker3:10 
17. Has She Got a Friend?2:40 
18. Let's Stay in and Make Love3:51 
19. Indian Queens3:45 
20. I Trained Her to Love Me3:00 
21. People Change2:55 
22. Long Limbed Girl2:54 
23. Hope for Us All3:41 

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