Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots
by Original Soundtrack


1. A Bad Kitty2:05 
2. One Leche2:01 
3. Jack and Jill0:23 
4. Holy Frijoles1:14 
5. Chasing Tail1:09 
6. Diablo Rojo4:54 
Not Available
7. Humpty Dumpty & Kitty Softpaws2:43 
8. The Orphanage4:30 
9. Honor and Justice1:44 
10. That Fateful Night2:36 
11. The Wagon Chase2:59 
12. Team Effort0:58 
13. Planting the Beans2:10 
14. The Magic Beanstalk1:17 
15. Castle in the Clouds1:57 
16. Golden Goose of Legend6:39 
17. Hanuman3:40 
Not Available
18. Confronting the Past1:38 
19. I Was Always There4:06 
20. Kitty-Cat Break-Out1:36 
21. The Great Terror7:57 
22. Farewell to San Ricardo1:33 
23. The Puss Suite3:10 
24. The Giant's Castle3:09 

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