Platinum Collection

Platinum Collection
by Genesis


1. No Son of Mine (Platinum Collection Version)6:36 
2. I Can't Dance (Platinum Collection Version)4:01 
3. Jesus He Knows Me (Platinum Collection Version)4:18 
4. Hold on My Heart (Platinum Collection Version)4:38 
5. Invisible Touch (Platinum Collection Version)3:28 
6. Throwing It All Away (Platinum Collection Version)3:50 
7. Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (Platinum Collection Version)4:30 
8. Land of Confusion (Platinum Collection Version)4:46 
9. In Too Deep (Platinum Collection Version)4:57 
10. Mama (Platinum Collection Version)6:49 
11. That's All (Platinum Collection Version)4:25 
12. Home by the Sea (Platinum Collection Version)5:08 
13. Second Home by the Sea (Platinum Collection Version)6:06 
14. Illegal Alien (Platinum Collection Version)5:17 
15. Paperlate (Platinum Collection Version)3:24 
16. Calling All Stations (Platinum Collection Version)5:45 
1. Abacab (Platinum Collection Version)6:55 
2. Keep It Dark (Platinum Collection Version)4:35 
3. Turn It on Again (Platinum Collection Version)3:51 
4. Behind the Lines (Platinum Collection Version)5:43 
5. Duchess (Platinum Collection Version)6:07 
6. Misunderstanding (Platinum Collection Version)3:14 
7. Many Too Many (Platinum Collection Version)3:35 
8. Follow You Follow Me (Platinum Collection Version)4:08 
9. Undertow (Platinum Collection Version)4:47 
10. In That Quiet Earth (Platinum Collection Version)4:56 
11. Afterglow (Platinum Collection Version)4:09 
12. Your Own Special Way (Platinum Collection Version)6:19 
13. A Trick of the Tail (Platinum Collection Version)4:36 
14. Ripples (Platinum Collection Version)8:08 
15. Los Endos (Platinum Collection Version)5:47 
1. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Platinum Collection Version)4:49 
2. Counting Out Time (Platinum Collection Version)3:36 
3. The Carpet Crawlers (Platinum Collection Version)5:01 
4. Firth of Fifth (Platinum Collection Version)9:28 
5. The Cinema Show (Platinum Collection Version)10:49 
Not Available
6. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) [Platinum Collection Version]3:54 
7. Supper's Ready (Platinum Collection Version)22:52 
Not Available
8. The Musical Box (Platinum Collection Version)10:24 
Not Available
1. The Knife (Platinum Collection Version)8:53 
Not Available

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