1. Panorama (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)5:45 
2. Touch and Go (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)4:56 
3. Gimme Some Slack (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)3:34 
4. Don't Tell Me No (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)4:03 
5. Getting Through (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)2:38 
6. Misfit Kid (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)4:32 
7. Down Boys (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)3:07 
8. You Wear Those Eyes (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)4:58 
9. Running to You (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)3:22 
10. Up and Down (2016 Ric Ocasek Remasters)3:37 
11. Shooting for You4:04 
12. Be My Baby5:00 
13. The Edge3:26 
14. Don't Go to Pieces (B-side of "Don't Tell Me No" & "Gimme Some Slack")4:04 

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