1. Yo'verture1:00 
2. Lie-Z5:17 
3. Get DownParental Advisory - Explicit Content5:01 
4. T'ings Nah Go So3:53 
5. School DaysParental Advisory - Explicit Content3:28 
6. It's Gettin' Hot3:00 
7. On And On4:54 
8. Just Loungin'3:53 
9. Knock 'Em Out The Box3:41 
10. Braggin'4:21 
11. She's Hookin'3:18 
12. Trouble!3:09 
13. If It Ain't One Thing It's Annuddah (Bruddah)3:24 
14. Rainy Rainy4:14 
15. After (Word!)0:42 

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