1. Bathing Ape (feat. OhGeesy & Fenix Flexin)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content3:02 
2. Occupied (feat. Rob Vicious & Fenix Flexin)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content2:28 
3. Moving Work (feat. Fenix Flexin, Rob Vicious & OhGeesy)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content2:44 
4. Pressure (feat. OhGeesy & Fenix Flexin)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content2:44 
5. Ride Around (feat. Master Kato)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content2:35 
6. Homicide (feat. BandGang Lonnie Bands & OhGeesy)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content2:25 
7. Pistol Love (feat. Rob Vicious)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content2:32 
8. Molly Water (feat. Fenix Flexin & OhGeesy)Parental Advisory - Explicit Content2:56 

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